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Video Recipe Genoese Focaccia Bread

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Video Recipe Genoese Focaccia Bread



 This is the recipe for my grandad Beppe’s original Genoese focaccia, which, over the years. has been adapted for home-baking.

The video recipe includes step by step instructions to baking focaccia in a home oven and getting the same product you would buy in any bakery in Genoa. Below, you can find the ingredients and method which you can print and keep in your kitchen. If you don’t have a stand mixer and you want to know how to knead by hand, click here.

Ingredients for the dough

(makes about 500g of dough, suitable for a 25 by 40 cm baking sheet)

If your baking sheet is a different size, click here.

  • 200 g Water at room temperature
  • 20 g Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 7 g Salt
  • 3 g  Malt (or honey or sugar)
  • 320 g flour  (depending on the humidity in the atmosphere you may need 350 g)
  • 17 g yeast (o 6g lievito secco)

If your baking sheet is a different size, click here.

Video Recipe (italian language)


  • Mix water, salt, malt and oil in a bowl
  • Add half the flour, you have to get a thick dough that’s still quite fluid.
Focaccia Impasto
  • Add the yeast.
  • Add the rest of the flour little by little
  • Mix for 15 minutes or so.
Focaccia Impasto
  • Cover the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes.

  • After 15 minutes the dough will be drier and easier t manage.
  • Fold the dough 1 or 2 times. This is useful to give strength to it. If you are using flour with higher percentage of proteins (like bread flour), you can skip this step.

  • Split the dough into pieces weighing 550g (for a 12 x 18 pan).

  • Pour some oil in the middle of the pan.
  • Put the dough in the middle of the pan.
  • Spread some olive oil all over the dough so that it does not develop a crust while raising.
  • Let is raise for 60 minutes in a place away fron drafts. For example in the cold oven leaving the light on

  • After 60minutes or so, the dough double in volume.
  • Spread the dough uniformly into the pan by pressing on the dough, not pulling on it.

  • Spread salt all over the surface.

  • Let is raise again for 30-45 minutes.
  • Pour a little bit of water over the surface

  • Now pour some extra virgin olive oil on the surface and spread it evenly

  • Using your finger tips, make some dents evenly over the surface (watch the video to see how I do it)

  • Now add you favorite condiment on top (like onion, olives and so on)

  • Let is raise for 60-120 minutes.


  • Pre-heat the oven to 450
  • Cook for 12-16 minutes depending on your oven
  • When cooked, lay the focaccia on a cooling grid
  • Using brush, spread some olive oil all over the surface
  • Serve warm

For further details on how to make onion focaccia, click here.

Share your experience, questions and suggestions to improve the recipe and leave a comment below!

Send me pics on vivalafocaccia@gmail.com .


Vittorio e Angelo sono i creatori e curatori di VivaLaFocaccia.com, il blog con le video ricette semplici per fare il pane in casa. Nato a Genova e cresciuto nel panificio di famiglia, con i suoi video tutorial Vittorio insegna i trucchi del mestiere a tutti gli appassionati e appassionate di arte bianca per fare il pane in casa come quello dei migliori panifici Italiani.

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