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Video Recipe for Chocolate cake

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Video Recipe for Chocolate cake



Video Recipe for Chocolate cake

This week, during a two day meeting, my colleagues and I spent an evening in a cookery school and we made dinner ourselves.

I tried my hand at making dessert and learned to make this chocolate cake, which I decided to share  with you through VivaLaFocaccia. This is a very rich and flavorful cake which doesn’t require baking powder or flour.

Video Recipe for Chocolate cake


  • 250 g dark chocolate (70% di cocoa)
  • 60g butter
  • 110 g sugar
  • 6 eggs (2 whole and 4 whites separated  from 4 yolks)
  • Zest from 1 orange
  • Cocoa or powder sugar for decoration


  • Melt butter and chocolate on medium heat or in a double boiler

  • Whisk 2 whole eggs + 4 yolks (keep 4 whites to one side) with two thirds of the sugar

  • Pour the cooled chocolate into the whisked eggs mixture and, as shown in the video, fold the chocolate in carefully stirring from top to bottom in order to trap as much air as possible  so the mixture doesn’t deflate.

  • Clean the tools and beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff

  • Fold half the whites into the chocolate mixture using the technique I just mentioned

  • Add the orange zest

  • Fold in remaining whites
  • Keep mixing to get a smooth mixture

  • Grease a non-stick, springform pan with butter or non stick spray
  • Pour in mixture

  • Bake at 180°C for 35-40 minutes or until surface rises a little and cracks

  • • Here’s the cake after 10-15 minutes

  • After 20-30 minutes you’ll see cracks forming and after 35-40 minutes the center will begin to deflate. Cake’s done!

  • Let the cake cool. It will deflate, it’s normal.Sprinkle the cake with cocoa or powder sugar

  • Cut and serve with a little whipped cream  (REAL whipped cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




Vittorio e Angelo sono i creatori e curatori di VivaLaFocaccia.com, il blog con le video ricette semplici per fare il pane in casa. Nato a Genova e cresciuto nel panificio di famiglia, con i suoi video tutorial Vittorio insegna i trucchi del mestiere a tutti gli appassionati e appassionate di arte bianca per fare il pane in casa come quello dei migliori panifici Italiani.

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Mamma mia Vittorio tu fai sembrare ogni ricetta facilissima, guardando il website mi viene voglia di preparare la pizza alle 9 di sera!

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